Hey 👋

My name is Sean Kerwin and I'm a self-taught front-end web developer and designer based in Wiltshire, England.

I have a passion for creating beautiful, functional and accessible websites.

I've been playing around with web technologies since 2005, tinkering with MySpace themes. Ever since then I've been building websites and progressing my skills and knowledge as a web developer.

Here are some of the technologies I've been working with recently:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Vue
  • Next.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • Laravel
  • Nest.js
  • Flutter


Website Design

Pixel perfect

Every website that I build is 100% bespoke, this means that not only do the websites look amazing, but they are tailored to your individual needs, making it a perfect fit. This also means they perform brilliantly and are lightning fast.

Website Development

Outperform your competitors

Writing scalable and highly efficient code is what I do best. I use modern technologies such as Vue, Nuxt, Next.js, React, and Laravel to build websites that are fast, performant and easy to use, with me you can be happy knowing that your website is built to your needs.


Hassle free

Keeping your website up and running is a big part of my job. I use the latest technologies to ensure that your website is always up and running. I give you the peace of mind that your website will always be running smoothly, no need to worry about backups, updates or anything else.


Start selling online

I can help you build a custom eCommerce solution that will help you sell your products online. Weather you are a small business or a large company, If you've already got a website that you want to use as a platform to sell your products, or you're just starting out selling online, I can help you with that.



T-Shirt & Sons

I built this website during my time at T-Shirt & Sons, I used Angular as the front-end, with Laravel powering the back-end. It uses Firebase and Node.js to process artwork and track baskets.

  • Angular
  • TailwindCSS
  • Firebase
  • Laravel
T-Shirt & Sons

Studio Ink

I built this website for a local tattoo studio, it has gone through many iterations over the years. Studio Ink are a multi-award winning tattoo studio based in Westbury, Wiltshire.

  • Angular
  • TailwindCSS
Studio Ink


A simple, clean, and elegant ecommerce website I built with OpenCart and TailwindCSS. Butti produce custom eyewear holders with leather, made in the United Kingdom.

  • OpenCart
  • TailwindCSS





Let's work together

I'm always looking for new opportunities to help. If you have a project in mind, or you just want to chat, I'm always open to discussing it.